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JAKARTA - PT Diamond Citra Propertindo Tbk (DADA) has realized the proceeds from the IPO amounting to Rp 56.51 billion as of December 2020. This was conveyed by Adam, President Director of PT Diamond Citra Propertindo Tbk (DADA) in the disclosure of information quoted on Monday (17/1).

In the report, it was conveyed that the funds were realized for the working capital of PT Arba Propertindo (AP) amounting to Rp 15.21 billion and PT Kalibata Inovasi Maju (KIM) working capital injection of Rp 41.30 billion. The two companies are DADA's subsidiaries. Realization of funds for KIM is still below the target allocation of Rp 199.40 billion.

From the IPO on January 31, 2020, DADA earned a net proceeds of Rp 214.61 billion. The remaining funds currently amounting to Rp 158.10 billion in the form of receivables from the land owner of PT Cipta Permata Properti Indonesia (CPPI) with a loan agreement as of September 28, 2020. The repayment of the loan is no later than 2023. (LK/LM)