JAKARTA - RUN System startup, from Indonesia, is eager to increase their revenue by up to 300%, in 2021, by taking opportunities in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry.

Sony Rachmadi Purnomo, President Director of RUN System, said that the ERP industry opportunity in Indonesia is still very large, given that there are only 10-12% of companies that have just implemented ERP for their business.

"We are very optimistic that the ERP industry will continue to grow in the future, with more companies starting to invest and implement ERP systems to facilitate their operations," Purnomo told idnfinancials.com.

For the record, RUN System has just obtained fresh funds from the managed funds of Centauri Fund and MDI Ventures at the end of 2020. The investment will be used to support the plan for RUN System strengthening its position in Indonesia. (KR/VA)