BDMN - PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk

Rp 2.520

-50 (-1,95%)

JAKARTA. PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (BDMN) would dispense its cash dividend of IDR 352.66 billion taken from its net profit in 2020. The action was decided after gaining approval from the Annual General Shareholders Meeting last April.

Rita Mirasari, the Corporate Secretary of BDMN, explained that the distributed dividend was equivalent to 35% of 2020’s net profit. The dividend value would reach IDR 36.08.

Through the information disclosure on Indonesia Stock Exchange earlier today, Mirasari announced the cum dividend date for the regular and negotiation market would be May 10, 2021. Meanwhile, the cum dividend date for the cash market would be May 17, 2021. The payment itself would follow on June 3, 2021.

According to, MUFG Bank Ltd. still controlled 94.10% of BDMN’s shares on December 31, 2020. The remaining portion of 5.67% was distributed among the public investors. (KR/ZH)