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JAKARTA. Standard Chartered Indonesia, along with Bukalapak, would introduce a new, fully digitalised, Artificial Intelligence-based banking platform.

This idea is a continuation of the financial services previously owned by Bukalapak. Through this platform, the users would be able to open their accounts and use banking services without face-to-face verification.

The users’ deposited money would be managed by Standard Chartered as the bank with the official license and is supervised by the Financial Services Authority (lit. Otoritas Jasa Keuangan/OJK). Standard Chartered and Bukalapak have gained approval from OJK to establish the said platform. However, they are still awaiting confirmation from Bank Indonesia.

Andrew Chia, the Cluster CEO of Standard Chartered Indonesia, claims that this platform would use nexus technology developed by Standard Chartered itself. “By partnering with Bukalapak, we create a financial solution to allow for a transformative experience,” Chia further explained to idnfinancials.com

Meanwhile, Victor Lesmana, the President of BukaFinancial & Digital, states that this platform would not be limited to the mid-upper class, but inclusive to the masses. “This intention is a part of our objective to bridge the gap within financial literacy,” Lesmana admits. (KR/ZH)