NICK - PT. Charnic Capital Tbk

Rp 294

-18 (-5,77%)

JAKARTA – PT Indovest Capital (IC), the company owning the control stock in PT Charnic Capital Tbk (NICK), yet again divested 1.63% of its stakes earlier this week (4-10/6). From May to early June 2021, IC also sold 2.1% of its stakes for IDR 3.86 billion.

Anton Santoso, the President Director of IC, announces that 10,605,900 shares have been sold for IDR 316 each. Thus, it brings in funds of IDR 3.35 billion. “The purpose of the transaction is investment allocation,” Santoso adds as quoted from the information disclosure, Friday (11/6).

The ownership portion of IC in NICK would be reduced to 51.14% or 385,123,700 shares from 60.77% or 395,729,600 units. Once accumulated with the previous transaction, IC had divested 3.64% of its shares in total within the last three weeks.

In April 2021, NICK reports the total shares of 651,150,000 units, owned by IC 63.45%, PT Okansa Indonesia 16.9%, and public investors (owning less than 5%) 18.12%, and PT Prosperindo 1.53%. (LK/ZH)