JAKARTA. The bonds and sukuk data in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) report its value nearing IDR 40 trillion by the beginning of July 2021, comprising 36 securities from 29 issuers.

Based on IDX data on Sunday (4/7), the total listed bonds and sukuk in IDX are reported to amount to 466 bonds. The total nominal value for these outstanding shares reaches IDR 422.43 trillion and USD 47.5 million, coming from 126 issuers.

In addition, the Government Bonds in IDX now amount to 150 series, worth IDR 4,282.62 trillion and USD 400 million in nominal value. Asset-backed securities consist of 11 bonds worth IDR 6.29 trillion. Last week, PT Mandala Multifinance Tbk also recorded its initial Sukuk Mudharabah for July 2021, with the nominal price of IDR 350 billion and 367-days tenor. (AM/ZH)