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JAKARTA – PT Pan Brothers Tbk (PBRX) eyes the potential of personal protective equipment (PPE) and cloth masks as two goods to bring additional value to the company amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ludijanto Setijo, President Director of Pan Brothers, claims that the company would acquire another USD 19.5 million from this PPE and masks production this year. “In 2022, it is predicted to bring in another USD 10 million,” Setijo adds in the information disclosure, quoted Thursday (15/7).

According to Setijo, the company had previously manufactured PPE and cloth masks in March 2020. However, the said production aims to only meet the internal needs as the supply used to be limited. “The shortage of PPE alongside its high demand drives the company to join in producing PPE. It aims to support the government in providing the local and international market demand,” Setijo explains.

It is mentioned that PBRX has quite sufficient experience and adequate factory facilities for assembling PPE and cloth masks using the brands of I-PAN and Mask-On. Additionally, the production and marketing facilities of these goods have been granted a license from the government. (LK/ZH)