MCAS - PT. M Cash Integrasi Tbk

Rp 7.475

-150 (-2,01%)

JAKARTA. PT M Cash Integradi Tbk (MCAS) set the target of 10% to 15% revenue growth, translated into IDR 13 to 14 trillion, this year. This objective would be attainable through partnerships with its subsidiaries.

Muhammad Anis, Director of M Cash Integrasi, claims to be optimistic in realising the target as they have prepared several partnership strategies. PT Digital Maksima Karunia (DMK) is one of MCAS’s subsidiaries to establish a partnership with PT SiCepat Ekspres Indonesia and launch a DigiResto application, food and beverages ordering platform. “MCAS also offers partnership opportunities with private and state entities to accelerate business expansion,” Anis added through the virtual public expose yesterday (26/7).

In Q1 2021, the total package drop point, after collaborating with SiCepat, would reach more than 3,000 points. Meanwhile, the number of business clients subscribed to WhatsApp for Business services has exceeded 140 clients. (AM/ZH)