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JAKARTA. PT Indika Energy Tbk (INDY) would bring its ownership percentage to 100% in Nusantara Resources Limited (NRL), which would be attained by the end of this October.

Director and Group Chief Investment Officer of Indika Energy, Purbaja Pantja, explained that his company currently owns 45.8% of shares in Nusantara Resources. Nusantara Resources is a mining gold company in Australia, which controls 75% of shares in the Emas Awak Mas project in Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi.

Pantja said that his company is currently entering a scheme implementation deed (SID). “Should this run smoothly, hopefully by this October, we would effectively gain 100% ownership in Nusantara Resources and 100% in Masmindo, directly and indirectly,” he elaborated further in the virtual media briefing yesterday (4/8).

Meanwhile, Director of Indika Energy, Arsjad Rasjid, claims that this transaction acts as a strategic measure of Indika Energy to strengthen its business diversification in the non-coals sector. The company has worked towards this objective for the past three years.

In the latest news, Indika Energy is said to pay AUD 0.35 per share for 168,041,107 shares unclaimed by the company. Thus, the total transaction clocks up to AUD 58.8 million, equal to USD 45.3 million or IDR 656.8 billion (assuming 1 USD equals IDR 14,500), for 72% of shares in Nusantara. (AM/ZH)