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JAKARTA – PT ABM Investama Tbk (ABMM) had issued a Senior Bond worth USD 200 million with a 9.5% annual interest, maturing in 2026. This bond’s value equals 103.90% of the company’s total equity reported in July 2021 of USD 192,501,540.

Rindra Donovan, Corporate Secretary of ABM Investama, states that the bond would be utilised to pay off several maturing debts in 2022. “The said bonds would be offered to the foreign investors abiding by Rule 144A and Regulation S of United States Securities Act 1933,” Donovan explains in the information disclosure quoted on Tuesday (10/8).

The bonds would have a corporate guarantee of ABMM’s subsidiaries, of which it owns 99% of the shares. The subsidiaries include PT Reswara Minergi Hartama (RMH), PT Tunas Inti Abadi (TIA), PT Pelabuhan Buana Reja (PBR), PT Cipta Kridatama (CK), PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB), and PT Sanggara Sarana Baja (SSB). In addition, the bond issuance had been approved during the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting on May 7, 2021.

The Senior Bond maturing in 2022 is worth USD 350 million with a 7.125% interest. Meanwhile, the initial buyers of the Senior Bond 2026 are Deutsche Bank AG Singapore Branch and Mandiri Securities Pte Ltd.

As of March 2021, ABMM’s issued and paid-up capital amounts to USD 146.55 million. Valle Verde Pte Ltd owns 55.5482% of it, PT Tiara Marga Trakindo 23.0677%, Momentum Fund SP.B 10.3781%, Rachmat Mulyana Hamami 0.5476%, Achmad Ananda Djajanegara 0.0480%, Mivida Hamami 0.0050%, and public investors 10.5054%. (LK/ZH)