DMND - PT. Diamond Food Indonesia Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Diamond Food Indonesia Tbk (DMND), an ice cream manufacturer, places another capital investment of IDR 99.93 billion to fuel the performance of its subsidiary, PT Diamond Cold Storage (DCS).

Chen Tsen Nan, President Director of Diamond Food Indonesia, claims that the parent company entirely funds the capital strengthening of DCS. “A portion of the funds come from the 2020 retained earnings, intended to support company development, following the decision made during the Annual General Shareholders Meeting on August 13, 2021,” he further reveals in the information disclosure today (16/9).

The said meeting had indeed approved the allocation of IDR 205.58 billion of the net profit, IDR 41.11 billion of the reserved funds, equal to 20% of last year’s net profit, and another IDR 164.47 billion to the retained earnings.

DCS’s entire shares amount to 266,150 units, amounting to IDR 100.64 billion, 99.94% of which DMND controls. Then, Chen Tsen Nan claims the remaining 0.06%. (LK/ZH)