JAKARTA - Based on the Price Monitoring Survey for the third week of September 2021, Bank Indonesia estimates that price developments in September 2021 will remain under control and inflation is estimated at 0.01% (mtm).

"With these developments, the inflation forecast for September 2021 is 0.85% (ytd) on a calendar year basis, and 1.65% (yoy) on an annual basis," explained Erwin Haryono, Head of the Communications Department of Bank Indonesia.

The main contributors to inflation in September 2021 until the third week are broiler meat at 0.03% (mtm), cooking oil at 0.02% (mtm), mustard greens, spinach, and filter kretek cigarettes at 0.01 each % (mtm).

 Meanwhile, several commodities experienced deflation, including chicken eggs at -0.07% (mtm), shallots, cayenne pepper and red chilies each at -0.03% (mtm), and garlic at -0 0.01% (mtm).

Bank Indonesia will continue to strengthen coordination with the Government and relevant authorities to closely monitor the dynamics of the spread of Covid-19 and its impact on the Indonesian economy from time to time, as well as further policy coordination steps that need to be taken to maintain macroeconomic and financial system stability, as well as sustain Indonesia's economic growth remains good and resilient. (LM)