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JAKARTA – PT Perusahaan Bongkat Muat Adipurusa (PBMA), a subsidiary of PT Nusantara Pelabuhan Handal Tb (PORT), secures a loan worth IDR 341 billion from PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk (BMRI). It would be used to refinance its debts. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of PT Nusantara Pelabuhan Handal Tbk (PORT), Lina, announces the news in the information disclosure, quoted Monday (20/9).

“The proceeds would be channelled to cover all unpaid balance of debts owed by PBMA,” she confirms.

According to Lina, the loan guarantee would be the port managed by PBMA and a corporate guarantee in the form of 83.34% of PORT’s portion in PBMA. The loan facility would be disbursed each month with a tenor of five years.

PBMA is a goods loading and unloading company based in Jakarta. As of June 2021, its assets have reached IDR 561.36 billion. Meanwhile, PORT’s current assets amount to IDR 797.58 billion with the cash and cash equivalents of IDR 227.35 billion. (LK/ZH)