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JAKARTA – PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk (KAEF) scores IDR 53.39 billion in the current year net profit of H1 2021, increasing from the profit reported in the same period in 2020 of IDR 51 billion. This growth entails an increment in its revenue.

In the Financial Report H1 2021 published today (24/9), Verdi Budidarmo, President Director of Kimia Farma, announces the sales have reached IDR 5.55 trillion and the gross profit IDR 1.86 trillion. In H1 2020, the sales and the gross profit only reached IDR 4.86 trillion and IDR 1.78 trillion, respectively.

By the end of the first half of 2021, the primary contributors of the sales and revenue are the domestic market that generates IDR 5.46 trillion and the export market that brings in IDR 120.82 billion.

From the operational segments, retail sales contribute the most with IDR 2.28 trillion, while distribution adds IDR 1.71 trillion, manufacturing processes add IDR 851 billion, and others bring IDR 709.06 billion. Sales are mostly made up of ethical drugs of IDR 1.75 trillion, followed by generic drugs with IDR 1.16 trillion, and medical equipment, clinic services, and clinic laboratories IDR 1 trillion. The rest of it comes from the sales of over-the-counter medicines, vaccines, and contraception pills. (LK/ZH)