JAKARTA. The Indonesian government plans to raise the capacity of new and renewable energy power plants by 40 thousand megawatts (MW) within the next ten years.

This arrangement is intended to anticipate demand surge for energy as the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) once projected. “We make sure that out of this extra 40 thousand MW in the next ten years, 52% of it is based on various new and renewable energy sources,” Rida Mulyana, Director-General of Electricity of Ministry of ESDM.

Mulyana also reveals that the current capacity of power plants in Indonesia has reached 73.341 MW by the end of June 2021. Then, 47% of the installed capacity is generated by steam power plants, followed by 9% from hydropower plants, 7% from diesel power plants, 3% from geothermal power plants, 3% from gas turbine power plants, and 3% from other alternative energy-based power plants.

Mulyana also believes that establishing new and renewable energy power plants could lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. “We have to stop using this [fossil fuel] to be able to generate greener, cleaner, and more sustainable energy. This is a joint responsibility of ours,” he asserts.

It is not yet specified the amount of investment required by Indonesia to increase the power of new and renewable energy power plants by 40 thousand MW. However, according to idnfinancials.com, the Ministry of ESDM once estimated investment needs of USD 36.95 billion to reach the energy mix target of 23% by 2025. (KR/ZH)