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JAKARTA – PT Soho Global Health Tbk (SOHO) raises the authorised capital of its subsidiary, PT Universal Health Network (UHN), from IDR 5 billion to IDR 17.26 billion. This capital raise is made through the restructuring process of UHN’s debt worth IDR 12.26 billion, which would be converted into shares.

Yuliana, Director of Soho Global Health, explained that UHN’s shares would be changed into two classifications, Series A and B, of 6,111 units in total. “5,000 Series A shares are worth IDR 1 million each, while 1,111 Series B shares are worth IDR 11.03 million each. They were accumulated to IDR 12.26 billion in total,” she specified in detail in the information disclosure today (30/9).

Meanwhile, UHN’s issued and paid-up capital increases to IDR 16.26 billion, comprising 5,111 units of 4,000 Series A and 1,111 Series B. After this transaction, UHN would deposit cash to SOHO of IDR 713.93 million, consisting of the remaining debt’s principal value of IDR 9.94 million and interest owed of IDR 703.91 million. (LK/ZH)