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JAKARTA. By far, PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) has channelled USD 443.8 million in total to pay for its credits following the recent 15th instalment of USD 78.8 million.

In the information disclosure in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) yesterday (18/10), Dileep Srivastava, Director and Corporate Secretary of Bumi Resources, had distributed the 15th payment through the facilitating agent on October 18, 2021, of USD 78.8 million. It consists of USD 70.7 million of the principal value of Tranche A credit and USD 8.1 million of its interest.

“The October instalment is the highest amount we paid for Tranche A. It was almost 4 times higher than the payment made on July 21, 2021, of USD 23.3 million,” Srivastava claimed. According to his words, the company is capable of channelling the 15th round of payment for Tranche A due to the revived coal sector and the company’s efficiencies.

With this payment, BUMI had paid back the credit of USD 443.8 million in total via cash. This amount comprises the principal value of Tranche A of USD 282.4 million and its interest of USD 161.4 million. The said interest had covered both the accrued and back interests.

The next instalment for Tranche A is due January 2022. Furthermore, the Payment-in-Kind (PIK) interests from April 11, 2018, to October 18, 2021, of Tranche B and C had started to be capitalised. (AM/ZH)