JAKARTA – Indonesian and Colombian governments agreed to cut flight routes shorter to boost tourist visits and investment. The reduction of transit posts in flight routes between these two countries is a follow-up to the Visa Exemption Agreement signed in August 2020.

Yan Permenas Mandenas, Head of Bilateral Cooperation Group of House of Representatives of Indonesia and Colombian Parliament, claimed that shortening the flight routes would attract more investment, especially considering the 10 ongoing Memorandum of Understandings (MoU). “If the flight route was opened from and to both countries, not only would the tourism be enhanced, but the investment would also increase,” he added after the bilateral group met Juan Camillo, Colombia Ambassador for Indonesia, in the press release, quoted today (22/10).

According to Mandenas, this policy would allow the flight route between Indonesia and Colombia to only have one transit. For example, it would be Bogota-Amsterdam-Jakarta or Bogota-Doha-Bali and vice versa. Previously, Jakarta-Bogota had to go through two to three transit points in three airports.

Juan Camillo, the Colombian Ambassador for Indonesia, also offered various types of investment for Indonesian investors, especially in palm plantations. “Colombia provides holiday tax incentives and there are no needs for locals’ involvement in these investments,” Camillo reassured. (LK/ZH)