FITT - PT. Hotel Fitra International Tbk

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JAKARTA – Ivan Sindoro, the shareholder of PT Hotel Fitra International Tbk (FITT), collected fresh funds of IDR 12.38 billion from three separate transactions of divesting 6.42% of its shares this month. This divestment was chosen after seeing the increase in the said company’s stock since early October 2021.

In the information disclosure quoted Friday (22/10), Sindoro confirmed selling 14,459,800 shares or 2% of his remaining portion of 4% of FITT’s shares yesterday (21/10). This divestment went in six different transactions with an average price of IDR 307 per unit. The said price was higher than the previous average selling price of IDR 245.2 per share during his previous divestment of 25 million shares (1.89%) on October 12, 2021.

Sindoro had initially sold 15,958,000 shares for an average transaction price of IDR 241.33 each from October 8 to 11, 2021. From this transaction, he managed to score IDR 3.85 billion.

Then, with this last transaction, Sindoro’s portion in FITT depleted to 2% of FITT’s total issued and paid-up capital of 600,023,227 shares. As of September 2021, FITT’s shareholders were PT Gloria Inti Nusantara 30%, Jon Feris 15.17%, Ivan Sindoro 8.49%, Rudy Gunawan 10.83%, and the public 32.34%. (LK/ZH)