SEMARANG - Deliveree, a safe, fast, and transparent logistics service solution for goods and cargo, announced the availability of a pick-up fleet for same-day delivery in Kendal, Demak, Ungaran, Salatiga, Semarang, and Purwodadi (Kedungsepur) areas with destinations throughout Java Island and parts of Sumatra Island. The presence of this logistics infrastructure is expected to help MSMEs in the region to grow and reach a wider range of customers.

According to data from the Semarang City government as of July 2021, the MSME sector is the government's focus to encourage economic growth, with more than 92% of economic actors coming from this sector. “Logistics plays an important role for MSMEs to support the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of final products to customers. Therefore, we ensure that MSME players in Semarang and its surroundings can access Deliveree services easily and at affordable costs. Customers everywhere will receive their orders faster,” said Tom Kim, Co-Founder and CEO, Deliveree.

Deliveree provides two types of services in Kedungsepur, including One Vehicle Service (FTL) to order one truck or vehicle with more than 35,000 fleets in Java Island and orders can arrive on the same day for customers, and Partial Loading Service (LTL) where the ordered goods will be shipped together with other orders in a fleet of trucks via the same route, so the shipping rate will be based on the size and weight of the package. The availability of this option is expected to be able to adjust to the various needs of customers in the delivery of goods.

In addition to focusing on helping meet the logistics needs of MSME players, Deliveree also serves the needs of delivering goods for individuals and large-scale businesses. Deliveree provides next-gen shipping solutions for delivering goods and cargo to destinations cheaper, faster, more protected, safer, and more transparent than other shipping solutions. (LM)