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JAKARTA. PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi Tbk (MTEL) or Mitratel sets the target of revenue growth in 2022 to 10% and profit growth to 15%. It believes that several factors will emerge as positive catalysts that will help the company to attain its goal.

Hendra Purnama, Investment Director and Corporate Secretary of Mitratel, then specified the objectives further. The said target will be above the present average industry growth rate, fixing the revenue growth to 10%-11% and EBITDA to 13%.

According to Purnama, his company has listed several factors that will lead the company to the 2022 performance target, including the organic growth of a company that will utilise its advantages spread across attractive locations. Meanwhile, in regard to its inorganic growth, the company will vigorously initiate acquisition of towers, exercise cost leadership corresponding to its operational and maintenance partnership schemes, and adjust the structure to the industry standard, as explained by Purnama in Bisnis last week.

This year, Mitratel expects to add 3,750 more towers, 750 of which come from organic expansion, 3,000 from acquisitions, and 4,000 from colocations. By the end of this year, MTEL also intends to raise the number of its tenants to 50,000 from 42,000 tenants in 2021. (AM/ZH)