BRPT - PT. Barito Pacific Tbk

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-15 (-2,00%)

JAKARTA – PT Barito Pacific Tbk (BRPT) will distribute cash dividends of USD 20 million or 18% of its net profit in 2021 of USD 109.11 million. This arrangement had been approved by its shareholders during the Annual General Shareholders Meeting of the company last week (11/5).

The meeting treatise, quoted Tuesday (17/5), revealed that the total dividends reach IDR 290.02 billion, equivalent to IDR 3,121 per share, which will be disbursed on June 10, 2022. The dividend allocation follows the allocation of net profit, its budgeted retained earnings of USD 311.22 million and unrestricted retained earnings of USD 4.25 billion.

The shareholders also decided to allocate reserve funds of USD 1.1 million and USD 88.01 million, equivalent to 81% of total net profit.

The cum and ex dividend in the regular and negotiation market is set to May 20-21, 2022, and May 24-25, 2022, in the cash market. (LK/ZH)