BACA - PT. Bank Capital Indonesia Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Bank Capital Idnoensia Tbk (BACA) will issue 20 billion new shares no later than 12 months after the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting that is scheduled for July 25, 2022. Wahyu Dwi Aji, President Director of Bank Capital, announced the plan in the information disclosure quoted Monday (20/6).

According to Dwi Aji, the proceeds of this corporate action is intended to expand its business, particularly in the financing business. The shareholders who choose not to exercise their rights in this rights issue will have their portions diluted by 73.86% at most.

Until May 2022, BACA’s shares outstanding reach 7,078,002,582 shares. PT Delta Indo Swakarsa owns 13.96%, followed by PT Inigo Global Capital of 14.71%, KPD Simas Equity Fund of 29.67%, and the public of 61.66%. (LK/ZH)