ALDO - PT. Alkindo Naratama Tbk

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JAKARTA - As part of a national entity, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (BBCA) is committed to continuing to support the implementation of a circular economy in order to expand the presence of green economy-based initiatives and businesses. Most recently, BCA disbursed financing of around Rp472 billion to PT Eco Paper Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT Alkindo Naratama Tbk (ALDO) to support the company's business and investment in the circular economy segment. BCA and Eco Paper are also exploring the possibility of further cooperation in other green financing.

Director of BCA John Kosasih, said, the green economy has become an important collective call for the sustainability of the earth, for a better future for future generations. The Indonesian government has also declared the green economy as a mandate that must be carried out by various parties. As a national entity, BCA also has the same calling and responsibility to be actively involved in implementing a green economy, especially by providing financing that supports these various green economy initiatives.

As is known, BCA is always active in realizing its commitment to sustainable development by prioritizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values. BCA strengthened its commitment by disbursing loans to sustainable sectors which reached Rp161.6 trillion in March 2022. This figure increased by 25.6% YoY, and contributed to 24.9% of BCA's total financing portfolio. In addition, BCA also carried out several other initiatives such as managing waste cards and EDCs, and also turning off lights for 1 hour at 544 BCA office buildings to support the Earth Hour program some time ago. (LM)