BUAH - PT. Segar Kumala Indonesia Tbk

Rp 930

-10 (-1,08%)

JAKARTA – PT Segar Kumala Indonesia Tbk (BUAH), a fruit and poultry distributor, seeks IDR 77.6 billion of fresh funds during its initial public offering (IPO) held from yesterday (2/5) until August 5, 2022.

In the short prospectus quoted Friday (5/8), BUAH is said to offer 200 million shares for IDR 388 each. The number of issued shares is equal to 20% of its total issued and paid-up capital after IPO.

Next, 75% of the IPO proceeds will be stored as its working capital, which will be spent on paying back debts, purchasing goods, and funding operational activities. Another 25% will be allocated to build a cold storage warehouse, which will be located in the newest branch office of the company.

Prior to IPO, BUAH’s authorised capital clocked up to IDR 160 billion, while its issued and paid-up capital reached IDR 40 billion. The shareholders consist of Micheal Iksan Susilo who owns 30% of the shares, Hendro Susilo of 45%, as well as Ng Sin Seng, Sutomo, Lay Vina, Fabian Mardi, and Farrel Nobel, who each claims 5%. (LK/ZH)