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JAKARTA - Anteraja, a technology-based freight forwarder under PT Tri Adi Bersama, continues to strive to improve the quality of management to optimize services and provide the best quality for customers. Anteraja has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, an acknowledgment that the Company has used international standards in the process of developing, implementing, and improving the effectiveness of the quality management system to improve customer satisfaction.

“The acceptance of ISO 9001:2015 is an additional boost for our enthusiasm to continue to provide comprehensive quality assurance. It is Anteraja's commitment to consistently deliver quality work processes, with the support of quality resources, in order to produce quality services to prioritize customer satisfaction," said Anteraja's CEO, Suyanto.

In 2021, Anteraja's shipments grew 100%, from a delivery volume of 500 thousand packages per day in December 2020, increasing to around 1 million packages per day in December 2021. Then in April 2022, Anteraja's daily shipments had reached around 1.3 million packages per day. Anteraja, which is only 3 years old, is aiming for the delivery of 1.5 million packages per day to be achieved by the end of this year.

Anteraja realizes that the very fast growth of the Company's shipping service business will be sustainable, if it is supported by qualified management, who always strives to improve the quality and quality of services. "In the freight forwarding business, a neat, solid and effective management role will determine the success of the business, especially when the shipping volume increases very much in a short time," said Anteraja's CEO, Suyanto. (LM)