JAKARTA - GoFood, the leading online food delivery company in Indonesia, continues to strengthen its commitment to encourage culinary micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to advance to class and grow sustainably. This has been realized with the support of GoFood, which has been part of the successful journey of the contemporary local beverage brand, Teguk, since 2019. Teguk has officially expanded overseas by opening its first outlet in New York, United States, on September 17, 2022. This Teguk expansion adds to the record positive for local culinary SMEs that are able to penetrate the international market thanks to going digital.

GoFood's Global Head of Marketing, Ichmeralda Rachman said, "We are proud of the positive achievements and expansion of Teguk to New York. GoFood has always supported the development of Teguk since 2019, as GoFood always strives to realize its commitment to become a mainstay partner for all of our MSME partners. One of GoFood's main strategies is to connect MSME partners with a loyal and quality GoFood customer base through search-based technology innovation with a hyperlocal approach and personalization of data. This innovation is proof of GoFood's deep understanding as a pioneer in online food delivery for the solutions that our MSME partners need."

Teguk has experienced various benefits from digitalization by joining GoFood for the last three years. Teguk CEO, Maulana Hakim said, "Thanks to the support of various digital solutions from GoFood, Teguk's business has grown rapidly to now have 155 outlets and 800 employees in various regions in Indonesia and revenue has increased to 275%."

"We are very grateful for GoFood's support for Teguk as a local culinary MSME so that we can realize the dream of bringing local brands to international markets. Thanks to targeted marketing and sales strategies through GoFood, we have succeeded in achieving exponential business growth since partnering with GoFood until we finally dared to go abroad, to New York to be exact. This expansion is our first step to strengthen Teguk's position as a global local brand," said Maulana.

Furthermore, Maulana said, “The opening of Teguk's first outlet in New York received great enthusiasm from local residents with sales of 634 drinks in just three days. As part of celebrating this achievement, Teguk with GoFood presents three exclusive menus, including the coconut series variant which is also present at Teguk New York outlets and a special 40% discount that can be enjoyed by GoFood customers in Indonesia. This exclusive menu is available on GoFood from September 17 to October 14, 2022." (LM)