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JAKARTA. PT Metropolitan Land Tbk (MTLA) or Metland sets the target of apartment sales growth to 10% by the end of this year following the latest target market determination strategy of the company.

Olivia Surodjo, Director of Metland, revealed that her company has targeted the market for its apartment. They are those who are actively working in the industrial and commercial area near Bekasi, Cibubur, Cileungsi, and Gunung Putri. Another target market includes the investors that wish to lease their units to employees in said area.

Surodjo further stated that Metland has designed move-in-ready products for rental purposes, which she claimed to have garnered positive responses from the consumers. “Therefore, MTLA is becoming optimistic that by the end of the year, the apartment sales can increase up to 10% from 2021,” she announced, as quoted by Bisnis earlier today (4/10).

Regarding the interest rate increase, Surodjo believed that it would not be significant as the majority of the consumers or the buyers pay in cash or in instalments provided by the developer. (AM/ZH)