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JAKARTA. PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk (TOTL) sets a target for new contract procurement in 2023 to IDR 2.6 trillion. Until October 2022, it had managed to secure new contracts of IDR 2.2 trillion in total.

Anggie S. Sidharta, Corporate Secretary of Total Bangun Persada, confirmed that the company aims to obtain new contracts worth IDR 2.6 trillion in 2023. TOTL also seeks revenue of IDR 2.3 trillion and a net profit of IDR 95 billion. In 2023, TOTL will also allocate IDR 3 billion in its capital expenditure budget, which will be spent on project equipment, IT tools, and IT software.

As of October 2022, TOTL secured new contracts of IDR 2.2 trillion, which consisted of construction projects of mixed-use, office, education, hotel, shopping centre, and industrial buildings.

Until now, TOTL had realised IDR 4 billion of the total allocated budget of only IDR 3 trillion. “The capex was utilised to purchase project equipment, IT tools, and IT software,” Sidharta added in the official release yesterday (10/11). (AM/ZH)