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JAKARTA – PT Jasnita Telekomindo Tbk (JAST) will manage the application-based telecommunication service of BPJS Kesehatan (Healthcare and Social Security Agency) after winning the tender of WhatsApp Business API.

Nathania Olinda, Corporate Secretary of Jasnita Telekomindo, confirmed that the company is crowned as the winner of the tender of an integrated WhatsApp service procurement for BPJS Kesehatan. “The company will provide Whatsapp Business API, including the service dashboard and frontiner, which will be developed by our subsidiary, PT Sakti Makmur Pratama," she mentioned, as quoted today (20/1).

According to Olinda, the tender was joined by four participants. The winner is decided based on the whole process, from the registration to the supporting document submission.

JAST has indeed become the partner of Whatsapp Business API since two years ago. During the pandemic, WhatsApp services became highly popular as the transactions in various customer service businesses rose in number. (LK/ZH)