BRPT - PT. Barito Pacific Tbk

Rp 950

-30 (-3,06%)

JAKARTA. The ownership percentage of Prajogo Pangestu in PT Barito Pacific Tbk (BRPT) increases 0.29% following the distribution of bonus shares of said wood manufacturer. With this raise, Pangestu now owns 71.15% of BRPT from the previous percentage of 70.75%.

Quoting the information disclosure Monday (23/1), Pangestu secures additional 279,674,203 units of shares from the entire issued shares of BRPT worth IDR 770 each. In other words, he gains IDR 215.34 billion in total.

After the distribution of those additional shares, Prajogo Pangestu’s portion in BRPT rises from 66,423,124,470 units to 66,702,798,673 shares.

BRPT is known to have distributed bonus shares, taken out of its treasury stock from the buyback. The ratio was set to 475:2, meaning that every holder of 475 shares will secure 2 bonus shares. Based on IDX record, as of November 30, 2022, BRPT has a treasury stock consisting of 560,073,400 shares, equivalent to 0.6%. (AM/ZH)