JAKARTA. Modalku, a platform providing access to funding for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), announced its latest collaboration with Ninja Xpress.

The collaboration is in the form of capital distribution for Ninja Direct users, a platform for procuring goods and raw materials from abroad for MSMEs in Indonesia. With this access to capital, it is hoped that MSME actors will not be hampered by funding when importing capital goods.

Arthur Adisusanto, Modalku's Head of Growth, said that this collaboration was carried out to enlarge the service ecosystem and reach of Modalku to more MSME segments. "We see that many MSMEs who buy imported raw materials still need alternative funding facilities," said Adisusanto, through an official statement.

However, currently the reach of the non-collateralized funding facility Ninja Direct from Modalku is still focused on users on the island of Java. The reason is that most of the MSMEs involved in Ninja Direct come from Java.

M Andhithaurik Putera, Vice President of Ninja Direct, said that this collaboration is believed to be able to support the resilience and productivity of MSMEs in Indonesia. "Hopefully, through collaboration with Modalku, MSMEs can focus on increasing productivity and product quality without having to experience problems in seeking additional capital to buy raw materials from abroad," said Putera. (KR)