BEER - PT. Jobubu Jarum Minahasa Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) recorded 10 issuers that had made its debut in the capital market throughout January 2023. Said number was twice the number seen in other January within the past four consecutive years.

Based on the data curated by IDNFinancials today (1/2), these 10 freshly publicly listed issuers include PT Jobobu Jarum Minahasa Tbk (BEER), PT Data Sinergitama Jaya Tbk (ELIT)PT Mitra Tirta Buana Tbk (SOUL)PT Citra Buana Prasida Tbk (CBPE), PT Cakra Buana Resources Energi Tbk (CBRE)PT Sunindo Pratama Tbk (SUNI)PT Hatten Bali Tbk (WINE)PT Lavender Bina Cendikia Tbk (BMBL), PT Penta Valent Tbk (PEVE), and PT Jasa Berdikari Logistics Tbk (LAJU).

In January 2022, five issuers went public through initial public offering (IPO). Then, in January 2021, three issuers made its debut, while, in January 2020, eight issuers went public. Lastly, in January 2019, five issuers debuted.

In other words, the activities in the capital market in the beginning of 2023 have regained its strength. The business players now tends to seek fresh funds through the stock exchange, even higher than the period pre-COVID-19.

Cumulatively, throughout 2019, 55 issuers debuted in the stock exchange. In 2020, 52 issuers went public, while 54 issuers made its debut in 2021 and 60 issuers debuted in 2022. (LK/ZH)