JAKARTA – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) or Pelindo has set this year’s target revenue to IDR 31.81 trillion. Said target had been verified by its shareholders as stated in the company’s 2023 Work Plan and Budget.

Ali Mulyono, Group Head of Corporate Secretariate of Pelindo, confirmed that the General Shareholders Meeting for the Pelindo’s 2023 Work Plan and Budget fixation took place earlier this week (30/1). The operating profit and net profit targets are set to IDR 6.38 trillion and IDR 3.81 trillion each.

EBITDA is projected to reach DR 10.29 trillion, while its total assets and equity are predicted to arrive at IDR 112.07 trillion and IDR 47.29 trillion. The shareholders also agreed upon the capital expenditure budget of IDR 10.69 trillion.

In order to secure the objective by the end of this year, Pelindo aims to welcome 48 units of cruise ships/ocean liners. These ships will consist of 2 units of 300-to-350-metre boats, 12 units of 250-to-300-metre boats, 13 units of 200-to-250-metre boats, and 21 units of below-200-metre boats. (LK/ZH)