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JAKARTA – PT Jababeka Tbk (KIJA) has set the marketing sales target in 2023 to IDR 2 trillion. It increased approximately 17.64% from IDR 1.7 trillion recorded in 2022.

Muljadi Suganda, Corporate Secretary of Jababeka, mentioned that approximately IDR 1 trillion of said target will arrive from the sales of industrial areas in Cikarang and Kendal. “The remaining amount will be generated from the marketing sales of several joint ventures in Kendal and Cikarang,” he added in the press release quoted Tuesday (14/2).

The marketing sales from the industrial area in Cikarang and Kendal are expected to reach IDR 750 billion, whereas the residential and commercial products in Cikarang will generate the remaining IDR 250 billion. Meanwhile, the marketing sales from joint ventures in Kendal are estimated to hit IDR 800 billion, while joint ventures in Cikarang are said to turn in IDR 200 billion.

In 2022, the marketing sales realisation hit IDR 1.7 trillion mark, which consisted of IDR 844.2 billion from the land sales in Cikarang and IDR 931.7 billion from land sales in Kendal. (LK/ZH)