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JAKARTA – PT Borneo Olah Sarana Sukses Tbk (BOSS) will immediately ask for a judicial review following the Supreme Court’s decision not to grant its subsidiary’s appeal. Two creditors of PT Bangun Olahsarana Sukses (BOS), a subdiairy of BOSS, reportedly filed a Suspension of Debt Payment Obligation (PKPU) lawsuit against BOS in the Central Jakarta Commercial Court.

In the information disclosure quoted Wednesday (15/2), Widodo Nurly, Director of BOSS, claimed that if the judicial review was granted, the company will refer back to the homologated peace agreement made with debtors. “From 56 creditors, only two of them that want BOS to declare bankruptcy. The others do not agree,” he explained.

According to Nurly, the reason why BOSS requests for a judicial review regarding its bankruptcy lawsuit is the fact that the PKPU process has only taken less than a year. BOS is also deemed having promising prospects in the future, following the high demand of coals.

PT Kartika Jaya Sakti (KJS) and PT Karya Energi Mandiri (KEM) reportedly filed an annulment of the homologated agreement of BOS on September 28, 2022. The annulment is linked with the PKPU lawsuit, which led to a homologated peace agreement No.185/Pdt.Sus-PKPU/2020/PN.Niaga.Jkt.Pst. Furthermore, the company has been declared bankrupt under the Decision Letter No.44/Pdt.Pembatalan Perdamaian/2022/PN.Jkt.Pst dated September 27, 2022. (LK/ZH)