EDGE - PT. Indointernet Tbk

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JAKARTA. PT Indointernet Tbk (EDGE), a digital infrastructure service provider, has channelled extra capital worth IDR 60 billion to one of its subsidiaries, PT Ekagrata Data Gemilang (EDG).

“It is for EDG’s capital expenditure (capex) needs,” Karla Winata, President Director of EDGE, mentioned in the official statement.

Other than extra capex from EDGE, EDG also secures additional capital worth IDR 100 million from Otto Toto Sugiri. According to IDNFinancials recor, EDGE is the controller of 99.83% of EDG’s shares, while Otto Toto Sugiri has the claim over the remaining 0.17%.

Sugiri is also known as the President Commissioner of EDG. Furthermore, this controlling shareholder of DCII is also listed as the owner of 16.56% of EDGE.

Until September 30, 2022, EDG recorded total assets of IDR 1.1 trillion, which are equal to 76.4% of EDGE’s total assets of IDR 1.44 trillion.

On the other hand, EDGE reported having cash and cash equivalent of IDR 289.52 billion until September 30, 2022, while its total equity clocked up to IDR 1.15 trillion. (KR/ZH)