MTEL - PT. Dayamitra Telekomunikasi Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi Tbk (MTEL) or Mitratel managed to collect IDR 1.78 trillion in 2022, growing 29.25% from IDR 1.38 trillion in 2021. The profit growth coincided with revenue increase, gained especially from the increase of telecommunication tower lease.

In the 2022 Financial Report published on Monday (6/3), Theodorus Ardi Hartoko, President Director of Mitratel, claimed that the total revenue clocked up to IDR 7.72 trillion, shifting from IDR 6.89 trillion. The main contributor of the revenue in 2022 was the telecommunication tower lease of IDR 7.04 trillion. Then, the income from construction services followed with IDR 666.77 billion, while the electricity rental service generated IDR 19.17 billion.

The gross and operating profit were recorded at IDR 3.65 trillion and IDR 3.15 trillion, respectively. Meanwhile, the profit before taxes clocked up to IDR 1.95 trillion, up from IDR 1.61 trillion.

In 2021, the telecommunication tower lease generated IDR 6.07 trillion, followed by the construction services that contributed IDR 764.94 billion, the electricity rental service of IDR 26.33 billion. Lastly, Mitratel booked gross and operating profit of IDR 3.21 trillion and IDR 2.74 trillion in 2021, while the profit before income tax of IDR 1.38 trillion. (LK/ZH)