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JAKARTA – The credit distributed by PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk (BNII) grew to IDR 107.81 trillion in 2022 from IDR 101.77 trillion in 2021. However, it had yet to reach the numbers seen prior to COVID-19 pandemic.

Quoted from the 2022 Financial Report published today (10/3), the credit channelled to global banking companies amounted to IDR 40.6 trillion, followed by credit sent to retail community financial services (CFS) of IDR 39 trillion and non-retail CFS of IDR 28.2 trillion.

The credit disbursement for global banking companies in 2022 was higher than IDR 38 trillion recorded in 2021, similar to the credit for retail CFS that was higher than IDR 34.3 trillion in 2021. On the contrary, non-retail CFS was seen decreasing from IDR 29.5 trillion. Non-performing loan (NPL) ratio was recorded at 3.46%, shifting from 3.69%.

Meanwhile, the users’ savings clocked up to IDR 105.70 trillion in 2022, declining from IDR 114.89 trillion in 2021. Then, BNII’s interest and sharia income reportedly grew shyly from IDR 7.11 trillion to IDR 7.20 trillion, while its current year’s net profit shrank from IDR 1.7 trillion to IDR 1.53 trillion. (LK/ZH)