MTSM - PT. Metro Realty Tbk

Rp 64

+1 (+2,00%)

JAKARTA - PT Metro Realty Tbk (MTSM) returned to the Top Gainers in transactions last weekend (17/3). If last week there were no foreign buying and selling, this time foreign buying and selling were 4,500 shares each.

Data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) quoted by on Monday (20/2), this issuer occupies the top position of Top Gainers with a price increase of IDR 64 or the equivalent of 34.14% to IDR 250 from IDR 186 on Thursday (16/3 ).

The issuer's share price had dipped to a low of IDR 175, but then closed at a high of IDR 250 per share. MTSM's share price rose positively from when it was in the Top Gainers position of 25.88%.

The volume of shares traded was 9.72 million in 3,020 trades worth IDR 2.17 billion. Net foreign was recorded at nil because foreign buys and sells were balanced by 4,500 shares.

In the runner-up position, occupied by PT Haloni Jane Tbk (HALO), the issuer that fell from the Top Gainers position on Thursday (16/3) with a price increase of 32.53%. HALO's share price rose to IDR 220 from the previous IDR 166 per share. (LK/LM)