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JAKARTA – PT Hero Supermarket Tbk (HERO) scored net profit of IDR 59.11 billion in 2022, bouncing back after losing IDR 963.52 billion in 2021.

In the 2022 Annual Report published today (21/3), Ingemar Patrik Lindvall, President Director of HERO, claimed that the revenue clocked up to IDR 4.43 trillion, rising 27.43% year-on-year (yoy) from IDR 3.48 trillion.

The gross profit prior to rebate discounts amounted to IDR 5.53 trillion, consisting of retail income of IDR 4.76 trillion, consignation income of IDR 567.54 billion, and food stalls of IDR 206.43 billion. For comparison, in 2021, the retail income reached IDR 3.66 trillion, while the consignation generated IDR 474.91 billion, and food stalls brought in IDR 113.55 billion.

HERO booked gross profit of IDR 1.85 trillion in 2022, shifting from IDR 1.51 trillion seen in 2021, while the loss before taxes shrank from IDR 746.48 billion in 2021 to IDR 388.77 billion in 2022. (LK/ZH)