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JAKARTA – PT Surganya Motor Indonesia, widely known as Planet Ban, announces a partnership with Gojek. It offers a special membership program for GoRide and GoCar drivers to support them in maintaining their vehicle performance, thus reinforcing their mobility.

Through this collaborative intitiative, GoRide and GoCar partners will be given special price for fuel oil change, tune-up, and maintenance services in Planet Ban by accessing Gojek Swadaya in their GoPartner application.

“Through this program, we try to improve the quality of our partners and their families through this collaboration with a third party, Planet Ban,” Paul Bastian, VP of Driver Strategy of Gojek, explained. Planet Ban has reportedly become Gojek’s partner in Gojek Swadaya since 2019.

“With this continuous partnership with Planet Ban, we hope our driver partners could operate daily in a more comfortable, safer fashion, and are able to spend less [on their vehicle],” Bastian added in the press release of the Gojek & Planet Ban Collaboration issued today (21/3). (ZH)