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JAKARTA. PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) booked the highest gold sales in the history, as well as making the most extensive contribution to the company’s total sales. Antam then recorded 105.23% year-on-year (yoy) increment in its net profit to IDR 3.82 trillion in 2022.

Throughout 2022, Antam managed to book 19.46% yoy increase in sales to IDR 45.93 trillion from IDR 38.44 trillion in 2021. Gold sales were the highest contributor to the 2022 sales, up by 21.90% yoy to IDR 31.62 trillion from IDR 25.94 trillion in 2021. Antam reportedly sold 34.97 tons of gold in 2022, 19% yoy higher than 29.39 tons.

“Antam has yet to record the highest gold sales in the history of the company,” Syarif Faisal Alkadrie, Corporate Secretary of ANTM, confirmed last week. According to him, ferronickel and nickel ore sales shifted 7.83% yoy and 17.91% yoy, respectively. The sales growth surge was supported by 40.94% yoy increment in alumina product sales from IDR 931.80 billion to IDR 1.31 trillion, as well as bauxite ore sales of 23% yoy to IDR 618.48 billion.

The increased financial capability of PT Indonesia Chemical Alumina (PT ICA), its subsidiary, indicated by the completion of loan repayment worth JPY 3.55 billion or USD 26.16 million, also boosted the company’s profitability. The solid profitability was supported by positive performance in bauxite and alumina, which generated profit of IDR 310 billion from the initial IDR 1.48 trillion loss in 2021.

“The optimisation of production rate and main commodity sales of Antam allowed the EBITDA to reach IDR 7.35 trillion in 2022, shifting 29% yoy from IDR 5.71 trillion in 2021,” Alkadrie further explained. In the end, Antam secured 105.23% yoy profit surge from IDR 1.82 trillion in 2021 to IDR 3.82 trillion in 2022. (AM/ZH)