OBMD - PT. OBM Drilchem Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT OBM Drilchem ​​Tbk (OBMD) is optimistic that it will reap sales according to this year's target of IDR 124 billion. As of the first quarter of 2023, the company has recorded sales of IDR 36.16 billion or the equivalent of 29.20% of the target.

In the disclosure of information quoted on Friday (31/3), the OBMD revenue target is up 20.38% from actual revenue in 2022 of IDR 103.32 billion. Gross profit and operating profit were IDR 91.52 billion and IDR 13.20 billion, respectively.

This year's revenue increase target is lower than 2022 revenue growth from 2021, which was recorded at 54.48%. Realized revenue for 2021 was IDR 66.83 billion, gross profit and operating profit are IDR 60.78 billion and IDR 8.95 billion respectively.

In order to realize this target, OMBD management will add a number of distributors in target countries that have large-scale oil companies. In the first quarter of 2023, the company partnered with foreign distributor MI Gulf Service in Abu Dhabi for business development to the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, deepen and strengthen the network to non-oil and gas customers such as Geothermal and CBM. Currently, procurement of supplies via mud company PT Baroid Indonesia has been realized for the Ijen and Sarula geothermal fields. (LK/LM)