IMAS - PT. Indomobil Sukses Internasional Tbk

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JAKARTA. Mercedes-Benz AG decides to redirect its operational activities of PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia and PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia to PT Indomobil Sukses International Tbk and its partner, Inchape Motors Limited (Inchape), a globally renowned multi-brand automotive distributor. This assignment is said to optimise global production network.

PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia is a manufacturer of the passenger car under brand Mercedes-Benz in Indonesia, whereas PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia is the importer of CBU cars and the distributor of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in Indonesia.

In the official statement, Matthias Lührs, Head of Region Overseas Mercedes-Benz Cars, claimed that the company decides to restructure its business to reinforce Mercedes-Benz’s position in the Indonesian market. In order to consistently growing, Mercedes-Benz joins hands with a solid international partner, as well as a seasoned local partner, through Inchcape and Indomobil.

Meanwhile, Ruslan Kinebas, CEO of APAC of Inchcape, claimed that Inchcape is elated to be able to expand in Indonesia through this latest redirection of Mercedes-Benz’s business.

Mercedes-Benz AG, Inchcape, and Indomobil are said to have signed a sales and purchase agreement for the production plant and distributors of Mercedes-Benz Indonesia. These three, as the new owners, will ensure the continuity of Mercedes-Benz’s track record in Indonesia in every aspect, as well as providing long-term security and high-level transparency for all stakeholders.

This transaction involves the transfer of 100% ownership of Mercedes-Benz AG in Indonesia, dividing it to 70% for Inchcape and 30% for Indomobil. The transaction is projected to offer long-term partnership between Inchcape and Indomobil in Indonesia. (AM/ZH)