CMRY - PT. Cisarua Mountain Dairy Tbk

Rp 4.760

-150 (-3,06%)

JAKARTA – PT Cisarua Mountain Dairy Tbk (CMRY), or popularly known as Cimory, booked 34% year-on-year (yoy) net profit growth, increasing from IDR 790 billion to IDR 1.06 trillion in 2022. It was further supported by its net sales surge of up to 56% yoy.

According to the Public Expose of Cimory in Jakarta today (6/4), the company managed to score net sales of IDR 6.38 trillion in 2022, increasing from IDR 4.09 trillion in 2021. It is known that CMRY recently introduced Kanzler Gochujang Sausage last year and has been active in promoting other Kanzler products in all social media. This initiative drove the consumer goods sales by up to 97% yoy, contributing IDR 2.84 trillion to total net sales.

“Out focus has always been sustainable growth,” Farell Sutantio, President Director of Cimory. Although he did not disclose specific number of its target, he aims to secure steady growth. “Actually, we always seek double-digit growth each year,” he added.

Out of the net profit in 2022, CMRY readies 52.37% for dividend distribution, which amounts to IDR 555.4 billion. The amount of dividend will then clock up to IDR 70 per share, which will be disbursed to shareholders officially listed by April 26, 2023. (ZH)