JAKARTA – Aside from its holiness, Ramadhan is closely associated with shopping tendencies and high rate of transactions, just as DANA has observed within the first 12 days of Ramadhan. DANA, the e-wallet service provider, reported increases in the number of transactions, as well as the number of frequent users, within the first half of Ramadhan 2023.

“In Ramadhan this year, we record transaction growth of up to 122% compared to the first 12 days in Ramadhan in 2022,” Lim Wimawan Kusuma, Head of Marketing of DANA Indonesia, revealed during the Ramadhan Event of DANA last week (6/4). Kusuma further mentioned that there is also 103% increase in the number of DANA’s daily users. The transactions are concentrated within various sectors, such as staple ingredients, foods, and fashion.

The company also sees 45% year-on-year (yoy) increase in the number of merchants. Related to this, DANA has reportedly established merchant partnerships with Alfamart and MAP Group. “Therefore, similar trend could be seen in merchant transactions, sporting over 60% growth compared to Ramadhan in 2022,” Luqman Ibnu Purnomo, VP of Business Operation DANA Indonesia, added.

DANA has completed its digital application with several features, including QR payment, e-commerce trading, as well as investment and donating. However, on top of this, the higher-ups of DANA revealed that the company is now currently working on launching its pay-later system, which is said to be named DANA Cicil. (ZH)