MGRO - PT. Mahkota Group Tbk

Rp 690

-5 (-0,72%)

JAKARTA - PT Berlian Inti Mekar (BIM) took over 40,838 shares issued by PT Mega Sawit Sriwijaya (MSS) worth a total of IDR 49 billion. Both companies are affiliated through the same management and shareholders under PT Mahkota Group Tbk (MGRO).

According to the information disclosure quoted Monday (10/4), the acquisition of MSS’s shares is intended to acquire more landbank for BIM’s palm plantation in South Sumatra. In other words, it is in line with the company’s objective to optimise its productivity and maximise the production capacity to attain more positive business prospects in the future.

After this transaction, BIM will have a claim over 52% of MSS’s issued and paid-up capital of 78.53 billion shares, followed by PT Mahkota Andalan Sawit (MAS) of 47.04% and Fuad Halimoen of 0.96%. In the meantime, the stock in its portfolio amounts to 56.46 billion shares. (LK/ZH)