CEKA - PT. Wilmar Cahaya Indonesia Tbk

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JAKARTA – The profit of PT Wilmar Cahaya Indonesia Tbk (CEKA) plummeted 27.54% year-on-year (yoy) in Q1 2023, contrasting to 99.68% yoy increase reported in the same period last year. Within the past four years since COVID-19 started, the revenue of CEKA indeed reached the highest in Q1 2022.

Based on the data received by IDNFinancials today (26/4), this palm plantation company collected revenue of IDR 1.67 trillion and gross profit of IDR 143.07 billion in Q1 2023. The operating profit and the current year’s profit were recorded at IDR 90.13 billion and IDR 70.93 billion, respectively.

In the same period in 2022, Wilmar’s revenue was at IDR 1.72 trillion, while its gross profit reached IDR 166.98 billion. Then, its operating and current year’s profit were at IDR 124.39 billion and IDR 97.97 billion each.

In Q1 2021, CEKA bagged IDR 1.10 trillion of revenue, IDR 89.14 billion of gross profit, IDR 59.02 billion of operating profit, and IDR 49.06 billion of the current year’s profit.

Meanwhile, in Q1 2020, its revenue was stuck at IDR 915.78 billion, while its gross profit was IDR 105.06 billion. Its operating and current year’s profit were at IDR 77.02 billion and IDR 66.35 billion, respectively. (LK/ZH)