DMAS - PT. Puradelta Lestari Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Puradelta Lestari Tbk (DMAS) posted IDR 224 billion of revenue in Q1 2023, sliding off from IDR 620.68 billion in Q1 2022 and 75.8% of which was contributed by the industrial segment. The net profit was reported at IDR 155 billion, shrinking from IDR 389.55 billion in Q1 2022.

Tondy Suwanto, Director of Puradelta Lestari, said that the industrial segment generated IDR 170 billion of revenue, followed by the commercial segment with IDR 44 billion worth of contribution. The remaining portion was brought in by the residential, hotel, and rental segments of 2.3%, 1.2%, and 1.2% each. “In the industrial segment, the revenue was mainly obtained from land sales to the data centre sector,” he said in the press release quoted Friday (28/4).

The gross profit of DMAS hit IDR 156 billion in Q1 2023, recording a gross profit margin of 69.6%, which was lower than 72% seen in Q1 2022. Then, its profit reached IDR 118 billion, with an operating profit margin of 52.9%. The profit before taxes clocked up to IDR 166 billion, with the operating profit margin increased yearly from 63.5% to 74.1%. (LK/ZH)